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Cataract Services

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Cataract typically occurs because of ageing, it is the clouding of the natural crystalline lens. There are other reasons like continued usage of steroids, exposure to UV rays & health issues like eye injuries & diabetics.

Surgery is the only effective way to treat cataract removal.

Cataract surgery will remove the cloudy natural lens & replace it with an  IOL [Intra Ocular Lens].

At Abhinav Eye Care & Laser centre Phacoemulsification is performed ( No stitch surgery) & foldable Intra Ocular Lens is inserted. There are many IOL choices available for surgery which are explained as follows.

The lenses will be inserted through small 1.8 to 2.8 mm opening

Aberration free or Aspheric IOLS

These IOLs give a good quality of vision post operation due to unique lens design. It will further improve contrast sensitivity of patient & also the Night Vision / Low light vision .

The lenses will filter the blue light & UV light which are harmful to retina.

Toric – IOLS

It will correct the pre-existing corneal Astigmatism by reducing the possibility of wearing spectacles for distant vision post-operation.

MultifocalI – IOLS

It provides a clear vision for all the distances, hence almost  90% of all day-to-day activities can be done without wearing additional glasses.

In rare cases the patient might experience glare during the night post operation. Usually, they will get adapted within few months.

Accomodating –  IOLs

IOLs has flexible hinges which enables them to change focus for different distances.

Advance Instruments available

Zeis IOL Master 700, ZEIS Lumero I Microscope, Corneal topographer, Specular microscope, Immersion A-Scan & B-Scan


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